The Cheerful Budget Program

You make a good salary but you can't seem get ahead. All those big money goals still seem so far away.

The heavy burden of debt and unfulfilled dreams is really starting to wear you down. The thought of spending another 5-10 years struggling like this breaks your heart. You're tired of letting money influence all of your big decisions.

You're not sure why it's like this, but you're finally ready for a change.

Ready to let go of the struggle and stress around budgeting.

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It's time to have some fun.  And save a sh*tload of money. 


Enjoy life while taking control of your finances

It’s time to stop struggling and start joyfully saving.


What do I know about achieving big $$ goals? A lot, actually.

In 2012, I started with just $1,500 in my bank account and a dream of quitting my corporate job. Over the next 18 months I saved more than $40,000 and took off for a 20-month career break. And I had fun while doing it!


It might sound a bit crazy, but I proved it wasn’t a fluke - in early 2015, I decided I would pay off the last $42,000 of my MBA loans. Even though I’d taken a 25% pay cut for a job I really wanted, I managed to pay off all my loans within the next 22 months.


what makes the cheerful budget so great?

You'll take the fast-track on achieving your big financial goal. In this program, you will learn from my years of experience (and mistakes!). I'll share valuable lessons that took me years to learn.

We'll get you organized. We will develop a clear summary of your big goal, co-create a customized road map and budget for you to follow and work with proven budget tools to track your success. If you're committed, you'll have all you need to succeed.

We'll have fun! With my positive attitude and belief that budgeting can be an empowering and joyful experience - you'll look forward to each and every session.

There will be lots of creativity and inspiration. I'll share all of my best tips and creative solutions for living on a budget. Managing your money is about enabling your dreams - not depriving yourself. These tips and solutions will inspire you to have fun while saving money.

It's time to invest in your big dreams.



All program options include:

  • Budget assessment to customize program to meet your specific needs
  • One-on-one coaching conducted over a minimum of 6 weeks
  • Assignments and worksheets between sessions
  • Email access between sessions


STARTER program: $425

  • 3+ hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Conducted over 6 weeks

Coaching + a customized plan

STANDARD program: $700

  • 5+ hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Conducted over 3 months

Coaching + customized plan + ongoing support


SUPERCHARGE program: $1,075

  • 6+ hours of one-on-one coaching
  • Conducted over 4 months
  • Weekly email accountability check-ins to keep you on track

Coaching + a customized plan + ongoing support + accountability check-ins


Before you book, please make sure to take a look at my Refund Policy.