Life Can Be So Much More Than "Stuck"

Get help to make the change.

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Maybe you feel weighed down by the impossibility of what you really want in life.

Maybe you don't know what you want, but you know you want something different, something more.

Maybe you feel stuck or stifled by your current situation.

Maybe you're living the life you should want but are finding that it's just not enough.

Maybe you're worried about breaking from the conventional.

Maybe you've looked around for help, but no one seems to "get" what you're going through.

You don't know how to make this big change possible, so maybe it's best to just stay stuck.

Please don't do that - life can be so more than stuck.

In today's world, you've got less to lose and more to gain
by leaving the conventional path that's making you miserable.

So what's stopping you?


I've taken several big leaps in my life.

Through those experiences plus my background as an

Actuary, MBA & Certified Life Coach

I've created a framework to help others takes successful leaps too:

Connect | Plan | Act


The Connect | Plan | Act Framework


It's invaluable to connect to your essential self - the real you. It's a requirement to live life authentically and to achieve the dreams YOU really want. It takes hard work to stay connected and we will re-visit this step often. Sometimes our fears and critical self work against our best laid plans and action. Staying connected helps eliminate the struggle in Plan and Act.



Taking a leap can be scary, but a thoughtful plan removes doubt and makes it much easier. I love a good plan and use my background and experience to co-create a vision of how you can achieve your big goals. For most, a great plan also includes a solid budget. The plan provides direction but is also flexible to adapt to life's surprises.

Outcome = DIRECTION + road map to achieve the goal



A great plan is useless without action. Through actions, both big and small, you will take consistent steps to ensure you keep moving forward and living in alignment with your big goals. I provide a loving push when needed and act as an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Outcome = successful leap + GOAL ACHIEVEMENT


if you are

  •  Willing to do the work and take personal responsibility for your outcome
  •  Invested and all in - this is your chance and you're not going to waste it
  •  Open to new thoughts, ideas and perspectives
  •  Ready to laugh and have some fun

We might be a perfect match


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