It's time to let GO of guilt and shame around money.

It's time to enjoy life and build a strong future.

It's Time to save more $$ than you ever thought possible.


This FREE masterclass is a short 5-part video series that will hands down help you improve your money situation if you put these small, doable steps into action.

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In this Money Reset Masterclass you will learn:


>> 3 Key Steps to take control of your finances so you can finally master your money

>> My Big Secret to having more fun while saving money so you can start creating the life you want NOW

>> Become a Money Mindset Master so you can actually draw money in instead of pushing it away

SPECIAL BONUS: action workbook


This FREE workbook will personalize each lesson and bring the masterclass to life - because this is about YOU and your big goals!



Why am I the expert you should listen to?

Because I used to be in your shoes.

But eventually, I couldn't take anymore, and I got serious about finding a way out.

I developed tools to save $40,000 in just 18 months so I could afford a 20-month career break.

And once I returned with just $1,200 in my bank account, I used those same tools to pay off the last $42,000 in MBA loans in just 22 months while also taking a $25,000 pay cut.

And now I want to help YOU achieve your own big goals.

I created this free Masterclass to share the best of what I know and the "secret" to my success.



Katrina McGhee is a professionally certified life coach and MBA who inspires her clients to create richer, happier lives. 

After her initial career as a healthcare actuary, and later as a market researcher, she realized the corporate grind was not for her. So she saved $40,000 in just 18 months and embarked on a 20-month career break to travel around the world. 

She's now a life coach who supports people who know they’re meant for more to create a clear vision and a plan to bring it to life and get them from where they are to where they want to be. 

She recently paid off $42,000 in student loans in just 22 months and now uses her budget ninja ways to help others find freedom from their money struggles. 





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