Creating the change you want is hard work.

Sometimes even a clear vision and focused plan, aren't enough.

They're a great start but sometimes we need more - we need...

Consistent support,




That's what 3-Months of Massive Momentum is all about.

This 3-month program is customized to meet your needs.


It brings together the strong foundation of the CPA Framework and Power Session, while providing additional Support, Encouragement & Accountability.


This option is perfect for those who want to go BEYOND a clear goal and solid plan and make huge progress toward their goal.


In this program, you will:

Experience mindset shifts that allow you to embrace success and leave the fear and limiting beliefs behind,

Form new habits that continually support your success,

Develop a road map for success and be held accountable for taking consistent action against it,

Bring your plan to life, including a detailed budget to ensure you meet your goal,

Leave with an updated plan to ensure you continue to succeed and achieve your goal, even after coaching ends.


your 3-month program includes:

Robust pre-work assignment so we can hit the ground running

One 90-minute Power Session to hone in on your needs

Eight (8) 1-hour one-on-one calls with me 3x per month

Weekly action steps and email support to keep you on track

A customized budget with on-going support and updates

Full access to me via e-mail between calls when you feel stuck, confused or ready to celebrate

investment for 3-months of massive momentum



3 payments of $750

To schedule some time to talk about the possibility of working together and using deep connection, focused planning and serious action to get the life you want, click here to book a complimentary discovery call.

Before you book, please make sure to take a look at my Refund Policy.