Break from the Conventional Life

gain clarity.  find courage.  make the change.

Do you want to break the norm of a conventional career path, but are scared to do it?

Are you unhappy or misaligned with your work, but don't know how to change it?

Do you have a nagging feeling that you want more, but are overwhelmed with how to get it?

It’s time to break through that fear,
get cleaR, and get moving
into a career and a life that is more


If you’re unhappy in your current life and won’t be satisfied with another step along a conventional career path, but also feel unclear about what to do next...

It’s time to get unstuck.

You’ll gain the clarity you desire when you start to ask yourself the tough questions and look deep inside for the real answers.

Once you’ve gained clarity, it’s time to find courage.

To create an unconventional path to success, clarity and courage are key.


It’s time to take a risk TO make your life BETTER



There's a workforce evolution going on and it's creating a
huge opportunity for you to create your own path to career success.


Less than half of us are happy in our current roles (just 44%!)
and only 34% of us would consider ourselves "engaged" in our work.


We're entering a new era of what "work" means and leaving behind the conventional full-time jobs with benefits.
Those jobs are less secure than when our parents started working and they add up to more stress and less job satisfaction.

No thanks.

Now, you have more options to help you pursue freedom, creativity, and control over your schedule,
and get paid to pursue your own path to career success. 

I want this for you and I can help you get it.



I’m Katrina - a recovering corporate worker bee turned Life Coach and enthusiastic world traveler

After burning out in my corporate job, I turned my life upside down to take a 20-month career break and do what it was I wanted and needed most - travel.

Today, I support, coach and empower people who know they’re meant for more to move past the fear, create a clear vision, a plan to bring it to life and a bridge to get them from where they are now to where they want to be.

Together we can set a plan of action to change your career path and create a life you really want instead of a life you tolerate.

Instead of working to create a false sense of security, create your own path.







I am grateful for finding Katrina and for her guidance on leaving my full-time job. She has put me on the path to a new found life of freedom to wander where my heart desires. Her tips to get started are so awesome and right on target for my goals to happen. The information, strength, and support I have received from Katrina has had such a positive effect on my life - so much that I have gone to the bank and opened up a savings account to start funding my travel adventures. I must say it is soooo satisfying to watch it grow. Katrina is the real thing.
— Susan
Katrina is an invaluable guiding force in my life who helped me focus when I was overwhelmed and unable to make big decisions. She encouraged me to pursue the life I really want, without fear of making a mistake. She is an amazingly insightful person, really listening to what you say, and then offering suggestions and concrete actions you can take to achieve your dreams. She is practical and goal oriented and has such an inspiring perspective on life.
— Ali
I am thrilled to recommend Katrina not only as a highly-skilled Life Coach but also a rock-solid motivator that can lift anyone into joy, action and ultimate success. I can say, without exaggeration, that she is a rare combination of passion, strength, patience & deep intuitive insight. I cannot recommend her enthusiastically enough.
— Cheryl Bartlett, Founder of the Life Coach Club

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The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.
— Anna Quindlen