Are you craving a change?

Unsure or overwhelmed at the thought of what comes next? Desperately hoping it's not more of this?

The good news is It doesn't have to be.



I’m Katrina, a recovering MBA turned Certified Life Coach and enthusiastic world traveler

After burning out in my corporate job, I turned my life upside down to take a 20-month career break and do exactly what it was I wanted and needed most - travel.

Today, I help corporate women reconnect with their inner voice, escape the golden handcuffs, and find the courage to make the change they really need.

Is it financially feasible?  Will I ever find another job?...

Yes!! I've been there and done it myself - it is definitely possible.

  • I felt so energized after my first session with Katrina that I took a step towards a job that is the perfect fit for me. Her intuition isn't something that can be taught and her excitement and desire to help people take steps towards what makes them come alive encourages me to boldly seek what makes my heart light up. I now have a new job I love and have also started writing again. Using the excellent tools Katrina gave me and having her cheer me on and believe in me, I made the changes necessary to do something that gives me life.
    — Katie
  • Having a life coach has been amazing. I was approached with an awesome career opportunity but was absolutely terrified to leave behind my well-established network and relocate my family across the country. Katrina helped me keep perspective, let go of my never-ending pile of worries and end my need to “worst case scenario” every possibility. She addressed my biggest fears and concerns while being sure to never diminish how big and challenging it felt to me.
    — Liz
  • Katrina is an invaluable guiding force in my life who helped me focus when I was overwhelmed and unable to make big decisions about my life. She encouraged me to pursue the life I really want, without fear of making a mistake. She is an amazingly insightful person, really listening to what you say, and then offering suggestions and concrete actions you can take to achieve your dreams. She is practical and goal oriented and has such an inspiring perspective on life.
    — Ali
  • I was recently at a crossroads and unsure of how to move forward. Katrina helped me separate What I Thought I Was Supposed to Do from What I Actually Wanted to Do. Once that became clear, I decided to take some time for myself and travel for a few months to figure out my next step. BONUS: She also had invaluable practical advice for my upcoming trip and great suggestions for places to go, things to do and food to eat!
    — Dina
  • The best decision I've made this year was to choose Katrina as my life coach. Through a series of great questions and thoughtful challenges, she helped me more than I could have ever expected. I re-discovered more about who I am in the few short months we worked together than I had in the several years preceding. I highly encourage you to work with Katrina. There's not a day that goes by that I don't put into action what she taught me. I could not recommend her highly enough.
    — Aeisha
  • Katrina's advice and wisdom come from living in the trenches for many years. She gets it, and she truly, genuinely wants you to be successful – whatever “success” means for you. She has this way of probing and asking questions… you don’t even realize how vulnerable you’re being, because you feel safe in sharing with her. Her naturally inquisitive personality and incredible experience will help you open up and answer questions you never considered, and will help lead you to the right path for you.
    — Daisy


i can help you

 Reclaim your spark to feel lit up and bright again

 Spend your days feeling free instead of trapped

 Get control of your budget; make your big dreams a reality

 Release the guilt of feeling dissatisfied with your current life

 Stop believing you're unhappy because you aren’t good enough

 Follow your own path with confidence and courage

 Feel motivated and excited by your own dreams and big ideas

 Stop feeling powerless; it's not too late to change your life


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"The life you have led doesn't need to be the only life you have." - Anna Quindlen