Client Testimonials

Katrina is an invaluable guiding force in my life who helped me focus when I was overwhelmed and unable to make big decisions. She encouraged me to pursue the life I really want, without fear of making a mistake. She is an amazingly insightful person, really listening to what you say, and then offering suggestions and concrete actions you can take to achieve your dreams. She is practical and goal oriented and has such an inspiring perspective on life.
— Ali

I am thrilled to recommend Katrina not only as a highly-skilled Life Coach but also a rock-solid motivator that can lift anyone into joy, action and ultimate success. I can say, without exaggeration, that she is a rare combination of passion, strength, patience & deep intuitive insight. I cannot recommend her enthusiastically enough.
— Cheryl Bartlett, Founder of the Life Coach Club

I felt so energized after my first session with Katrina that I took a step towards a job possibility that ended up being the perfect fit for me. Her intuition isn’t something that can be taught, but is something she moves in with ease. Her excitement and desire to help people take steps towards what makes them come alive encourages me to boldly seek what makes my heart light up.

Not only do I have a new job I love, but I am now writing again. After receiving some excellent tools from Katrina and having her cheer for me and believe in me, I made the changes necessary to do something that gives me life.
— Katie

Working with Katrina is a joy and a privilege. I tend to feel a dream well up inside myself and then immediately shoot it down, pointing out all the reasons why it makes no sense. Working with Katrina has opened me up to possibility: the possibility of trying new things and being flexible even if they don’t work exactly as I had imagined or hoped. She has given me the confidence to trust the ‘winding path’ - that I don’t need to get everything right the first time. Katrina has helped me take my dreams and create action plans to work toward them - action plans that always involve reaching outside of my comfort zone, but never so far that I’m too afraid to take action.
— Brooke

Having a life coach has been amazing. I was approached with an amazing career opportunity but was absolutely terrified to leave behind my well-established network and relocate my family across the country. Katrina helped me in so many ways! She helped me keep perspective while making this important decision and let go of my never-ending pile of worries and need to “worst case scenario” every possibility. She helped me address my biggest fears and concerns, but was never patronizing or diminished how big or challenging it felt to me at the time.
— Elizabeth

The best decision I’ve made this year was to choose Katrina as my life coach. Through a series of great questions and thoughtful challenges, she helped me far more than I could have ever expected. I cried more, laughed more, got more angry and re-discovered more about who I am in the few short months we worked together than I had in the several years preceding. If you are ready to unleash your inner power and peace, I highly encourage you to work with Katrina. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t put into action what she taught me. I will forever be grateful to her, and could not recommend her highly enough.
— Aeisha