Ever Wished You Could Be Someone Else?

Here's what to do when you don't like who you are or where you are right now...

You know those phases / chapters of your life where you feel SUPER frustrated? 

Maybe it's those extra 20 lbs, maybe it's your crappy job, maybe it's the toxic on-and-off relationship you can't seem to fully leave? 

Whatever "it" is, you know deep down that this isn't the life you envisioned for yourself. That you're not being the person you really want to be.

And it really pisses you off.

So how do you change things? It's simple... 

How to Make Your Monday Great

Mondays hold a lot of power as they set the tone for the week ahead. During my years of following a conventional path, I often saw Monday as the enemy.

Monday mornings were rough, especially when I felt the most disconnected from my job (right before my career break). I would lay in bed for almost an hour, just avoiding the simple act of getting up because that's when Monday would officially start.

Once I finally made it to the office (usually late because #procrastination), the work would start and I would commiserate with my co-workers about how much Mondays sucked.

Don't Stop Just Because It's Hard

Coming off the heels of a peaceful and reflective Thanksgiving, I'm especially grateful for many great things in my life...

  • Awesome bosses that support me leaving my job to transition into life coaching as a full-time endeavor
  • Having the financial means and good sense to get my own coach to support me in this big leap
  • My health and good health for the people I love and care about
  • A mild start to the Minnesota winter this year
  • A trip to Chicago next weekend to enjoy the Christmas festivities
  • And many other things...

My list could go on, as I hope yours could too.

But today I want to share more than just things I am grateful for -
I want to share with you some of the current challenges I'm facing.

3 Life-Changing Lessons My Career Break Taught Me

Truth time.

Throughout most of my career, I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

While those around me thrived, I suffered from a lack of enthusiasm and the sneaking suspicion that this wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing with my life. 

8 years and 3 companies later, I ran away to business school with hope of finally figuring myself out. It was an amazing two years, but the answers didn’t quite rain down on me like I hoped they would.

I graduated from business school and started a new career - I gave it a chance, but deep down I knew – it wasn't "me" either.

Up to this point, I had let life to happen to me instead of going after the life I wanted.

How Elizabeth Gilbert Changed My Life

During our interview, I explained how Elizabeth Gilbert changed my life.

I don't often share this piece of my story - it can seem a bit cliche when I explain how her memoir, Eat Pray Love, inspired my own big career break.

But cliche or not, it's the absolute truth.

And that's why I'm sharing it with you today. Because I want you to see how YOU too can go from "there's absolutely no way - it's impossible" to "holy sh*t - this is really happening!!!"

How to Be the Best

And I had an epiphany that I couldn't wait to share with you... The only way to be the BEST you can be is... to be YOU.

Ok. I realize it might sound a little cheesy and maybe not quite as impressive as your typical "epiphany", but please give me a moment to explain...

I've spent a fair amount of my 37 years on this Earth trying to be the best. Or at least "one of the best."  I was trying to be the best something but it wasn't the best me.