Episode 6: Freedom Is a Mindset (Not a Number)

Does fear around money keep you from breaking the norm? I've got a solution and I'll give you a hint - making more money is NOT the answer! If you aren't in control of your finances, money is always going to be a source of tension for you and you're never going to feel like you have enough to make the leap.

In this episode of Break the Norm, I'm going to give you 3 easy steps you can take to reclaim control of your finances and set yourself free.

Episode 3: Choosing Your Path w/ Belinda Smith

Today I talk with special guest, Belinda Smith, about taking the road less traveled. She's a Dove award-winning, Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and has a lot to say about the importance of taking your own path to career success.

Join us to hear Belinda's remarkable and unmistakable sign that it was time to leave her 9-5 and how she navigated a twisting path to her own version of success.

Episode 2: Finding Your Great

"Why aren't I happy? I have a great job, a good salary and some great opportunities but... I still don't feel fulfilled." The truth is, you're probably settling. Settling for "good enough."

Society's idea of "great" might not be your idea of "great.” Today I'm going to share the secret to achieving your greatest success in life and making your biggest impact. You'll walk away with 3 easy steps to start pursuing your version of great today.