How Elizabeth Gilbert Changed My Life

Last week, I had a very "full-circle" moment as a featured guest on the Extra Pack of Peanuts (EPoP) travel podcast.

And during my interview, I revealed a secret that I don't often share. (More on that in a moment!)
When I made the HUGE decision to quit my job to travel around the world, EPoP was an invaluable resource that helped me figure out things like how to pack 8 months of "stuff" into a 40L backpack. For real.

As a guest on their show, I was able to return the favor and use their platform to inspire others with the story of my own 20-month career break.

And during our interview, I explained how Elizabeth Gilbert changed my life.

I don't often share this piece of my story - it can seem a bit cliche when I explain how her memoir, Eat Pray Love, inspired my own big career break.

But cliche or not, it's the absolute truth.

And that's why I'm sharing it with you today. Because I want you to see how YOU too can go from "there's absolutely no way - it's impossible" to "holy sh*t - this is really happening!!!"

When I first read her story, I was in the middle of a full-time 2-year MBA program. In the midst of accruing massive debt, it definitely didn't feel like the "best" time to drop everything and spend a year traveling around the world.

But something deep inside my heart connected with her message.

And even though I didn't think there was any way to make it possible for ME, I carried her story with me and the seeds of a big idea were planted.

And one day, almost four years later, when I had grown desperate for a big change but felt hopeless about how to achieve it... I got myself a life coach and those seeds started to sprout.

And 8 months later, when I was sitting on my life coach's couch trying to figure out what I would do next... those seeds broke the surface and burst to life.

In that moment, I let go of the idea that I needed a "better" job. And instead I grabbed onto the impossible dream my heart had been holding.

I was going to take a career break and live my life "Eat Pray Love" style.

And that's exactly what I did, just 18 months later.

Chiang Mai Temple

Taking this leap changed my life.

And to think it all began with someone opening my eyes to what was really possible. Right now, I want to pay it forward and do the same for you.

If you need a dose of inspiration to plant beautiful seeds for your own future,
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In it, I share 4 of my favorite experiences during my 20-month break and outline how much I spent on each. I also share 9 signs that you might need a career break yourself.

Get ready to start feeling like the impossible might actually be possible...

- Katrina