Don't Stop Just Because It's Hard

Coming off the heels of a peaceful and reflective Thanksgiving, I'm especially grateful for many great things in my life...

  • Awesome bosses that support me leaving my job to transition into life coaching as a full-time endeavor
  • Having the financial means and good sense to get my own coach to support me in this big leap
  • My health and good health for the people I love and care about
  • A mild start to the Minnesota winter this year
  • A trip to Chicago next weekend to enjoy the Christmas festivities
  • And many other things...

My list could go on, as I hope yours could too.

But today I want to share more than just things I am grateful for -
I want to share with you some of the current challenges I'm facing.

Why would I do that? 

Because I want YOU to know that even when you're doing big things that align with what you really want, there are going to be some hard days - and that's OK!

Don't get me wrong - following an unconventional path, especially in regards to your career, is incredibly rewarding (and fun!).

But... it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

It will require courage to keep moving forward even when presented with challenges.

What does that look like? Right now, for me, it looks like...

Spending $5,000 to update a vacant townhouse that I'm trying to rent out.

Having that townhouse sit vacant for 3 months, while costing me $1,300/month.

Dropping the advertised rent so low, I eventually decide to try to sell it even though it's the holiday season and house sales are slow.

Receiving an offer during the first week it's listed for sale, only to have said offer fall through days later once the inspection report has come back.

Crying a loud, ugly cry at my desk while worrying about my finances and thinking "holy sh*t, I'm going to give up my steady corporate income when I quit my job in just 2.5 months..."

Pulling myself together and working hard to control what I can and accept the things I cannot. And to Keep. Moving. Forward.

This unforeseen obstacle has definitely put me through my paces. And there will likely be more.

But I'm still here. I'm still standing and I'm still working to make my big dream of being a full-time life coach come true. 

I've been hard at work starting a podcast, a weekly FB Live to help those who want to know more about achieving unconventional career success and a kick-ass course I cannot wait to launch early next year.

And when things finally settle down, this ridiculous townhouse gets sold and I'm actually a full-time life coach making my dreams come true (and those of my clients)... you'll know the real story.

And I hope that real story inspires YOU to create and follow your own unconventional path to success. And on the days it gets hard, that you'll be able to muster up the courage keep moving forward.

Are you tired of trying to make it work "the right way" and feeling like you're just going through the motions?

Don't be afraid of an unconventional path. Challenges will come but they will be much easier to face with the knowledge and enthusiasm of following YOUR dreams and not someone else's.