How to Make Your Monday Great

Mondays hold a lot of power as they set the tone for the week ahead. During my years of following a conventional path, I often saw Monday as the enemy.

Monday mornings were rough, especially when I felt the most disconnected from my job (right before my career break). I would lay in bed for almost an hour, just avoiding the simple act of getting up because that's when Monday would officially start.

Once I finally made it to the office (usually late because #procrastination), the work would start and I would commiserate with my co-workers about how much Mondays sucked.

"I've got a case of the Mondays"  "Happy Monday" (said with a sarcastic tone)  "It is over yet?" (asked around 10am)

And it wasn't just my Mondays that suffered... I'm looking at you, Sunday night.

Sunday night was just as bad, if not worse. All the of joy, connection and ease of the weekend suddenly evaporating into a poof of smoke as 4pm on Sunday rolled around. My mind and body started preparations for the battle ahead.

Even when the jobs got better along my somewhat conventional path, there was still a sense that whatever I was waking up to do that day wasn't aligned with what I most wished to be doing with my time and energy.

FUN FACT: If there are 52 Mondays in a year, that's almost 2 months of my life each year I was grumpily trying to just survive.

And when you really think about that, it seems like such a waste.

When my path towards building a coaching business started to illuminate itself, I had to dig very deep to find the courage to ask my bosses to go part-time at my 9-5. And it's a small company, so this felt like an especially big deal.

In truth, it was a hard conversation. But... we all survived! And in the end, they were supportive and agreed to let me have Mondays off each week to focus on growing my business and serving my clients.

And even though I didn't know it, that was the most magical gift they could have given me. Why? Because I fell back in love with Mondays.

Finding the courage and clarity to create my own unconventional path to success has changed my life.

I wake up each Monday without an alarm clock and start my day focused on doing something I love and enjoy doing. I no longer lay in bed, dreading the start of my day or uttering phrases like "just a case of the Mondays".

Now, when I say "Happy Monday!" I mean it. And it feels AMAZING.

It also sets a great tone for the rest of my week and my days at my 9-5 (currently Tuesday through Friday) are blessed with more enthusiasm than they used to receive.

So what does this mean for YOU? It's your personal invitation...

It's an invitation to see how you can make Monday feel more magical.

And I've got a few ideas to get you started...

>> Sprinkle in something you love. Is there something you already enjoy doing? Maybe it's just a hobby or interest and currently doesn't bring any money in - that's ok! Whatever it is, make space in your Monday routine to include 30 minutes focused on that thing. Maybe it's writing. Maybe it's sending out emails to connect with others about a business you want to create. Maybe it's planning a master meal you want to make over the upcoming weekend. Whatever it is, make it part of your Monday.

>> If you've been dreaming of going part-time but are afraid of the tough conversation, start working through your fears and concerns to see what's really there - what's really holding you back from making the ask.

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